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Skin Actives- Look Good Bundle

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Skin Actives has sent over a second package that includes the ultimate essentials. Each and every one of the products that were sent are simply AMAZING. Ever since we moved to Maui, I have been needing nourishment for my skin and nails. It's much more drier out here, and I was so stoked that they sent over what I needed! I have been using each and every product and I have noticed a huge change. The fine lines under my eyes have diminished and I look and feel so much better. The moisturizer is light but does its job, it is comfortable to wear under makeup. The nail oil and serum have kept my nails and cuticles looking better than ever. There is also a brow and lash serum, lip collagen treatment and an Alpha-Beta exfoliant solution that I will update you on. Thank you so much for this amazing bundle! #SkinActives #lookinggoodwithskinactives #nailslasheslips

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