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DERMA E Hydrating Collection

DERMA E Hydrating Collection could be my new favorite line, they always come out with so many amazing products that I have so many favorites! I was already using their Hydrating Day Cream and Cloud Cleanser, and instantly fell in love with how bright and moisturized my skin felt. I was so excited to try out more of their Hydrating products!

Since I am always enjoying the beautiful beach on Hawaii, the damaging sun has caused my face to become dull. I noticed that using these products, it gave my skin a nice radiance and a boost of hydration. The Day and Night cream are rich enough to keep your skin supple but it's not greasy or feels heavy on the skin. The Day cream provides a nice smooth base for makeup application.

I use the Gel Booster before applying my moisturizer to bring back moisture after cleansing and toning.

Before you apply your moisturizer, I go in with their Eye Gel and it seeps into the skin like water. The rollerball makes it easy for application.

The Overnight Facial can be applied right before bedtime. I used this once or twice a week especially after beach days. Be sure to keep your jar in the fridge for depuffing magic!

The Hydrating Collection is my current favorite because of their antiaging ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, and Vitamins C, A and E.

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