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Pele's Grace

Pele's Grace was so kind enough to send over two sets of their products. Since November is the month of grace and gratitude, I will be gifting the second set to my Mom! She is always there for me and I can't imagine my life without her. I haven't seen her in 9 months now, it's been a struggle but I'm hoping we can reconnect soon.

It is a 3 step skincare routine for clear skin.

Step 1: Moana - it removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil.

Step 2: Aolani- is a facial soap, which you can use to thoroughly cleanse your face, minimize your pores, and eliminate the dark spots. This is what I need for my sun spots. Using this with the foaming net is a game changer.

Step 3: Mahina is my favorite product in this line. Once you mixed the dry and wet ingredients together, you let it sit until it's combined and then keep it refrigerated. This makes my skin super smooth and supple.

Pele's Grace is made in Japan and Hawaiian inspired. I love what they believe in and their love for Hawaii. Mahalo for letting me experience Pele's Grace.

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