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DERMA E Vitamin C

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

DERMA E has a Vitamin C line that truly changed my skincare routine. I was so ecstatic that they gifted me this line because I’ve always wanted to try it. I have been using it religiously and it brighten up my skin, it now looks youthful and radiant!

Whenever I try new products from DERMA E, I am rest assured that it will work for my skin type. I have not had problems with any products yet. DERMA E is dermatologist recommended, proven and effective, and their slogan is "Proven Clean Beauty".

Day time skin care routine consists of: 1. Cleanse face with facial soap

6. Eye cream

7. Sunscreen

Nighttime skin care routine:

2. Cleanse face with facial soap

3. Toner

7. Eye cream

If you are interested in purchasing this line, please visit:

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